Phoebe Kwong


Ava Cheung

Phoebe started her yoga journey in 2015. At the beginning, she just wanted to release body tension from work. During her first yoga class at Prajna Yoga. She discovered the positive changes in body and mind. She believes that yoga isn’t just about asana, it’s philosophy, attitude, spirit, mind and body. Through practice, you can listen to your body, understanding your inner feelings more directly and stay mindful.

After years of practice, she decided to have her yoga teacher training in 2020 at Prajna Yoga and also completed 30Hrs Wheel & Chair TTC in 2021.

Keep practicing and learning helps deepen her practice and she likes sharing yoga’s benefit to others.


    Ava Teaches:

      • Hatha Yoga
      • Gentle Yoga
      • Yoga Therapy
      • Wheel
      • Chair Yoga