Your employees may work long hours, often hunched over a computer. Sometimes, they have to skip meals, keep checking the duty phone for emails and messages, and rarely leave the workplace for a break.

As a result, these work habits begin to take their toll on the bodies and minds in the form of stress, tension and sickness.

It will be a great idea to take a break and do some yoga stretching at the workplace so that your employees will be fully recharged. It helps to immediately release the tension and anxiety at the workplace.

Our Corporate Yoga Program is exclusively designed for your employees who deserve the opportunity to reduce stress and tension. And more importantly, increase the performance and productivity.

For Employees

      • Relief neck and back pain of your employees
      • Keep physically fit
      • Reduced levels of stress, Tension and anxiety
      • Improved sense of well being
      • Improved mental clarity and focus
      • Improve mindfulness and spirit

For Employer

      • Enhanced workplace community
      • Decreased healthcare costs
      • Reduced absenteeism
      • Increased productivity
      • Improve overall physical fitness